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2019 Success! Thank You MJ Biz Con And Friends.

2019 Success! Thank you MJ Biz Con and Friends.

Thank you to all our many loyal customers who dropped by to tell us why they choose Ful-Power every time in every grow.  It’s your confidence in us, and the results you achieve, that we rely on again and again.

We were proud to support you by featuring first and foremost, Robert Faust, the creator of the entire BioAg line and unrelenting advocate for humic substances and renewable agricultural.  Dr. Faust pioneered many consequential extraction techniques and was one of the first in the field to understand the potential for humic substances in cannabis.

Also at our booth where our newest partners from LA Hearne, brothers Keston and Karse Guidici. Both outstanding and agronomists who specialize in hemp production and hail from a multi-generational family farm service company. If you didn’t get a contact card from them but want a consult, please contact us.

Additionally,  Dr. Kwasi Glover, international Ag consultant and agronomist joined us to discuss humic science.  Dr. Glover has a wide range of expertise in the international realm of cannabis agronomy and  humic substances.

At BioAg we have always valued service and we continue to partner with the experts who share our values of sound science based on a sustainable future.  There are great things in all our futures friends. Let’s enter together.

Happy New Year! Happy 2020.


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