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Humic and Fulvic Acid Products
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Cold-Microbial Processing!

Ful Power

OMRIA superior Fulvic Acid that is preferred by growers because of its EASE OF USE, HIGH BIO-AVAILABILITY and SUPREME CHELATING ACTION. Purified by our revolutionary biological processing method, Ful-Power® is a premium fulvic product that is compatible in all systems and all pH’s. Ideal for foliar sprays (helping to increase effectiveness of other materials), clones and cuttings, bare-root dip, and seed activation. Also use in hydroponic applications and for biological stimulation. OMRI & OIM LISTED


check markProduces stable organic matter

check markIncreases growth and yield

check markPromotes adventitious root growth for new and established plants

check markRelieves environmental stress including drought tolerance

check markBuilds immunity

check markConditions soil (water retention, aggregation, aeration)

check markIncreases crop uniformity and early ripening

check markStimulates microbe counts

check markStimulates enzyme production in plants and microorganisms

check markAssists with seed germination

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