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Welcome Chris Van Buren!

What started a decade ago as a simple phone call with a few research questions quickly lead to a great relationship and sharing of ideas. Now we’re pleased to officially welcome Chris to our team. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in humic substance applications as well as agronomy.

Chris’s formal educational background starts in Davenport, WA and includes aspects of traditional and non-traditional agriculture. Growing up he worked on his relative’s wheat and barley farms and that, coupled with his favorite subject of earth science, led him to pursue a degree in Agronomy through Washington State University with a B.S in Crop Science.  Upon graduating in 1998, he spent a 3-month sabbatical in New Zealand working on biodynamic farms on both the South and North Islands, learning about their methods and applications in both temperate and subtropical crop systems

His work there resonated and inspired him to become a major proponent in the Advanced Organic, Biological and Regenerative Agriculture movements with special emphasis on humic substances. He continued on to work as a biological technician for the Natural Resources Conservation Service before transitioning into the fields of natural and holistic medical research and nutrition, application and education.  He worked for over a decade as a consultant growing distribution networks for Health and Wellness and Longevity Companies including Lifepharm Global, Lifewave, 4Life Research and Waiora.

During this time these key interests lead him directly to Dr. Faust and very shortly Chris became an honorary member of BioAg. For many moons now, he has been both a friend and champion of humic science and his consultant work emphasized humic and fulvic acid applications. Chris views humic derivatives as the keystone to productive and sustainable agriculture and mother nature’s medicine for addressing many of our greatest environmental challenges.

In his new role with BioAg Chris will be serving in a sales and technical support capacity, directing efforts to get the highest quality humic/fulvic substances to the market and supporting existing customers with ongoing research and education.

Chris will also continue to dedicate five months a year, as he has over the last ten, to conservation efforts on the Snake and Columbia River Systems; helping to support safe passage of juvenile salmon on their long voyage back to the Pacific Ocean. His other interests include superfood production, microgreens, decentralized investing-cryptocurrencies and precious metals, playing bass guitar, researching natural innovative cutting-edge solutions, fishing spending time with his beloved dog.

Chris is delighted to be working with pioneer in humic/fulvic research and formulation and leader in the Regenerative Agricultural movement, Agroecologist Dr. Robert Faust and his great team at BioAg.

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