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Our Products are based on research from reputable studies and complimented by alliances with scientists,
agronomists, alternative practitioners, & suppliers world-wide.



HPTA test method

ISO Approves HPTA Test Method

After eight years of dedicated research and persistent work, the Humic Products Trade Association has succeeded in establishing an international standard for the analysis of humic acids and hydrophobic fulvic acids in commercial humic products. The analytical standard will be published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
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Humic Acids Golf Course Health

Humic Acids key player in golf course health

Humic Acids are a key player for superintendents and landscape managers dealing with hotter, drier summers as they turn to biostimulants to pre-condition courses. Ful-Humix is an agriculture grade humic product ideal for turf and available in cold and hot weather formulations.
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Scientists conclude humic substances mitigate

Scientists conclude humic substances…

Scientists conclude humic substances mitigate water stress and promote growth of vegetables. At BioAg we often describe this beneficial effect as a secondary mechanism. Humic substances are known to increase overall root growth, nutrient availability and work beneficially with microbial and fungal activity.
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Our team is committed to the Earth and all it’s inhabitants.
Holistic, Respect and Sustainability are terms we strive to live
by and we hope you will join us in these endeavors.

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